- How long does it take/turn-around time?

JS Typography knows your time is valuable.  We try our best to complete all artwork at a reasonable time.
Normal turnaround time for artwork takes about 2-4 business days unless otherwise notified at the time of order.  More time consuming designs such as vehicle wrap design, brochure, catalog may take anywhere from 4-14 business days unless otherwise notified.
All decals, window graphics and prints usually take anywhere from 3-6 days to complete, print and ship.
Nothing will be printed and shipped out until you approve (if proof is requested) your artwork.
This may delay your printing and shipment date.


-Why did my previous package shipped faster than my current one?

We try our best to print and ship out your items as fast as we can. However some decals may be more time consuming to create and require more time for completion.
That depends on the amount of detail in the decal/graphic as well as the amount of time that was needed to create the artwork. Another reason may be if the color chosen for the decal/graphic is out of stock and we are waiting on new arrival of that particular vinyl.

Please note that we are not responsible for delays caused by shipping carriers.


- Will I receive revisions to my design?

Yes, absolutely.  We are well aware that corrections need to be made after the first draft.
There is no charge on revisions unless the buyer changes the design completely during the design process.
We will work with you until you are fully satisfied and give us the permission to print and ship.
Once you provide us with your idea we will work on a design according to the information you the buyer have provided us with.  Once the idea has been changed and the design process has began, there will be an additional fee anywhere from $45 - $200 to change the layout of your design. Depending on the amount of graphics we are working on. We advise to carefully review your vision of the product
you are looking to accomplish.


- What happens if I need more revisions in the future?

Once we send you the files of your artwork, please keep them on file.  If you need adjustments in the future
just send them back to us so that way we can open and adjust.
Please keep in mind that there is an additional fee for adjustments and corrections depending on the
amount of adjustments needed. 


- What happens if I don’t like my design?

We understand that there is no way of having a visual of how your design will look.  Luckily there is no charge for revisions unless you the buyer will change the idea of the already provided information for your artwork.  We will adjust and correct as many times as we need to until we create the perfect design you are looking for.  Please keep in mind that we are working with your ideas and we have designers that specialize in all areas of design.  We try our best to create the design to specify your needs.


- How can I get my design on printed products?

Once we have a ready and approved design/artwork for you such as Logo design, Brochure design, Ad or Catalog design, apparel design, Business card design, etc...  You will receive an email with your artwork in the most compatible formats used in the design industry.  If by any chance you will need a different format of your artwork for a company that does not use any software compatible with our formats, you can send us one of the formats we have created for you and we will resend in the format needed.
Formats your will receive are PDF, AI, TIFF, EPS, SVG, JPG and PNG.

- In What format do I need to send you my artwork for printing purposes?

If we are printing a decal we would need an SVG, EPS or PDF in order to open your file.  If your artwork includes fonts please send them along with your artwork so we can download them unless you can convert your file into a vector art. We might not have the fonts used in your artwork. If we do not have them your file will not open properly. If you are looking to print a photo or an ad we would need your images not smaller than 400 dpi. Please keep in mind, all large format printing needs to be high in quality. 
We will notify you if the file is unusable.  If for any reason we cannot work with the file you have provided us with, we will contact you.  If we will not be able to contact you we will print using the file you provided us with, taking no responsibility on the turnaround of the product or we will hold off until we hear back from you (reasonable time 1-2 weeks). Then we will print and ship.


-How do I install my product?

We offer installation instructions as well as additional tips which you can find in out Help - Installation Instructions section. 
There you will be able to view the instructions you need for your product.  We also ship instructions with every product.


- How do I remove my decal?

Unfortunately there is no easy way of removing decals.  Depending on the vinyl you are using a heat gun is
usually the best way out.  We recommend using a heat gun to heat up the area of the decal.  Once the decal
is warm enough you can start to slowly peel the vinyl sticker off.  Do not attempt to remove during cold temperature.
This will only cause the decal to crack.


- Can I wash my Car or Window like I normally would once I apply a decal or do I need to use special chemical?

No, you can wash your vehicle or windows as you normally would. However, we recommend to wash with caution.
DO NOT use Alcohol or and residue removals on your decal or graphic.
DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES attempt to use a scraper on a window where you have applied any decal or graphic.  You will damage if not partially remove the decal or graphic installed.  We do not recommend using any sharp objects on surface where a decal or any type of graphic has been applied. To avoid damage to your decal or graphic, do not apply to an area where excessive heat occurs.


- Will my decal or sign fade?

Unfortunately decals and graphics do tend to fade with time.  All reflective, fluorescent colors tend to fade within
6-12 months if applied onto a surface facing drastic sun exposure.  Gold/ Mirror, Gold leaf, Silver/ Mirror - Chrome may last 2-3
years depending on the sun exposure to the surface.  All basic vinyl colors have a 5-8 year life spam.
Large format window graphics have a 3-7 year life spam and even longer if applied on the interior of a location. 
Banners have an approximate 1-3 year life spam if outdoors. Do not attempt to clean banner with strong chemicals. 
Perforated graphics have an approximate 1-2 year life spam and 3-5 year life spam if additional lamination is
applied (not recommended).  All colors last longer and may not fade if used on the interior of space instead of exterior.

- What other services do you provide?

We offer several services that might not yet be offered on our website.  Please visit our Services
section to find out more.


- Do you offer bundle services?

Yes, we most certainly do.  If you would like to put together a custom kit of graphic design, decals, or signs for
your business or personal use we will provide a different quote for your package.  Please go to our Request a Quote
section and explain what it is you are looking to have printed. Please try to be as detailed as possible.


Was this helpful?  If you do not see your concern in the above questionnaire please contact us  with your question and we will try our best to help.