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Care & Cleaning Instr.

Anytime you apply a decal or a graphic on your windows we recommend using products designed specifically for cleaning and maintenance.
We also advise taking extra precautions when cleaning.  This will help to keep your graphics looking their best as well as keep them from being damaged.


Here are a few tips on how to extend the life of your graphics:


  • To avoid color fading and to extend the life of your graphics we recommend to store your vehicle in a garage as often as possible. If no covered parking is available try to park your vehicle in the shadow.  Cloth covers are known to be helpful as well.


  • We recommend hand washing your windows.  Any harsh tools such as power washing and squeegee may lift and cause damage to your graphics.
  • Use glass friendly chemicals ONLY.  Do not use strong chemicals.  Hot soap and water, Windex or any basic soap mixtures are our best choice.
  • Use cloth to wipe areas where graphics are applied.  Do not rub hard on the actual graphics to avoid peeling edges of the vinyl.
  • You may clean your windows using a hose as long as it’s not used in full force. Keep the hose at least 18” away from the graphic.


JS Typography uses high performance vinyl such as AVERY, ORACAL, 3M, etc...
Taking these extra cleaning precautions will help extend the life span of your graphics.

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