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Installation Tips!

Need a few extra tips for your decal installation? We might have a few tricks up our sleeves to make life easier. Visit our Help section to view some tips, hints, and installation instructions.

Afraid of scratch marks?

We suggest wrapping your squeegee (or installation tool) with a rag or smooth cloth before adhering your decal onto your surface.

If you are working with a decal with transfer paper applied for installation purposes, you will not need to cover your installation tool because the transfer tape will protect your decal.

Is your decal not coming off the transfer paper properly?

We like to use the phrase "Working backward" process.

Not to worry, this is an easy fix. Lay your decal on a flat surface (table) facing upside down. At this point, your decal should be lying face down with the wax paper facing you. Remove the wax paper SLOWLY off the decal. We often use this process, especially during hot and humid summer days.

Humidity causes the transfer (the paper that removes the decal off of the wax paper) to lose its adhesiveness. In this case, we learned that removing the wax paper is more effortless.

We hope this is helpful, but don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions regarding the installation process.