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How exactly do we come up with our designs?

How exactly do we come up with our designs?

Posted by Diana Sliwa on Mar 11th 2023

We often get asked how the products here at JS Typography come to be. So, here's a little something about how it all comes together.
Back in 1999, when JS Typography first started, it was just basic truck lettering, basic signs, and pretty much basic anything. Until we decided we needed to spice things up.
Everyone and every business cannot look the same, right?
As an artist, I thought, why not put some art into the signs and decals?
So the sketching began, and I started sketching ideas I envisioned on storefronts. Just an ordinary day of walking through the streets of NY turned into a coloring book, and I thought, why not create something that would work for every empty storefront?
From then on, the creativity was limitless, and we began designing everything from custom motorcycle decals and logo designs to complete storefront kits to fit any business. Anything that came to mind would be sketched, erased, and sketched again until the final drawing was ready to be turned into a decal. So, there you have it. The idea, sketch pad, and then we leave it to our designers to create it into a decal. And, yes, all of our products and decals are created by our team here at JS Typography and that silly little head of ours.
After all these years, we have met some fantastic people and dealt with creative businesses that only helped expand our ideas for future projects. We can't wait to share it with you all!
Stay tuned for more stories on our projects.

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