Here at JS Typography we specialize in custom commercial, residential and artistic wood signs.
Our wood design team is highly skilled and experienced in wood staining as well as accomplishing a rustic,distressed and weathered wood texture.
Give your company the look and presentation it deserves. 
Let your signs speak for your brand and what it stands for with a wooden look.


All signs are treated with layers of weather resistant coat stain therefore they are made to withstand weather conditions.
They are custom stained using mixed stain and texture combinations.
Hand painted by our artists using sign paint and airbrushing techniques. Made for exterior and interior purposes.
These wooden signs make a great outdoor sign as well as interior decor such as shelving, wall pieces or chalk board signs.





Vintage, Industrial, Modern, Old and distressed, Weathered, Matte, Glossy, Rustic and Traditional Stain finish.


Please Note

Due to the process of wood staining and design, each sign may look different. 
Every sign is customized using your logo, ideas and design.
All stains and textures are customized and created by our team here at JS Typography therefore they cannot be repeated.




Ready to create your sign?

Please Contact us to find out how to create the right sign for your personal or commercial use. 
We will do everything to help you expand your brand and make you stand out from the rest.